Economy Solid Plastic Parking Block

$ 65.85

  • 6' long x 4" wide x 3" tall
  • Six Colors to choose from
  • Approximately 18 lbs each
  • Includes three (3) fasteners per block

The economy solid plastic parking block, a more affordable version, is LEED qualified and made from 100 recycled LDPE plastic. It’s highly durable, damage resistant, gentle on vehicles and designed with our exclusive “asymmetrical” vehicle-facing slope to minimize risk of impact or tripping. Great for parking garages, curbside parking, and any other lots where vehicles enter from one side only.

The UV-blocking color is molded throughout – no maintenance required. Highly-visiblility yellow, white, handicapped blue, charcoal gray, concrete gray and electric vehicle green available. Simple installation thanks to recessed bolt holes and optional mounting hardware.