Tingley 1150 Pull On Ice Traction Devices, M, L, XL, 2XL

$ 18.50

Winter-Tuff® Ice Traction Spikes - Walk With Confidence
If you walk or work on ice or snow, you want to be sure to avoid a slip and fall injury. 20 carbon steel studs dig into slippery surfaces to help keep you safe.
• High stretch rubber stays strong and flexible in cold temperature.
• Carbon steel studs grip ice and snow surfaces.

• Fits a variety of footwear styles for both men and women• Easy to take on and off. Just pull over existing footwear.

• Fits either foot - no need to distinguish left from right.

Ideal Applications: Transportation, Utilities, DOT's, Municipalities and General Industry.

Warning: Not recommended for use indoors. Studs can scratch floor surfaces.